Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Recent Conference on Veterans Disability Law

This past weekend I attended the NOVA conference. As usual, the conference was very informative and many topics were covered. One of the most interesting aspects of this conference was that they actually had a real case presented before the court of veterans claims. NOVA's membership has grown quite a bit, in fact, it has tripled since the first conference I attended. This is good news for the veterans as it appears more lawyers and representatives are taking the time and effort to learn how to become better advocates and representing veterans before the veterans administration. Most of the new lawyers at the conference that I met were primarily Social Security disability attorneys and workers compensation lawyers. It appears that more and more lawyers are getting involved in this field which should make it easier for veterans to find help with their claims. Conferences like this should make the transition from other fields of law into veterans law much easier. I want to thank all of the speakers at the conference for the exceptional job they did in sharing their knowledge and expertise for the benefit of veterans and the lawyers who want to help veterans. For more information on VA disability you can visit my website on the subject which will soon be updated to include more content.