Sunday, March 04, 2007

What is most important to get Social Security Disability?

There is allot of things to learn to have a successful SSDI or SSI claim. If you are handling the claim without a lawyer you need to know the Social Security Disability Process. You also need to know how Social Security determines if you are disabled. I included links to my website which explains both of these. Whether you have a lawyer or not the most important thing you can do to help win your claim is to make sure you get all of your relevant medical records in. Even if you submit all your treating sources records and hospital records you are not done. You should also have Residual Functional Capacity forms or RFC forms from your treating doctors. These forms will show the limitations you have from your medical conditions. It is ultimately these limitations from your medical conditions and not the medical conditions themselves that will help get you found disabled. Even if your medical condition meets a listed impairment it is extremely important that your doctor says so.