Tuesday, June 30, 2015

How Long Does VA Disability Claim Take?

How long a VA disability claim takes is a very difficult question to answer.  I have been handling VA compensation claims since 2007 and what I can tell you is it depends on so many things that it is almost impossible to answer for any given case.  For some, it may be a matter of months and others it may be years until you are satisfied with the result.  If all the records are in the VA C-file, it is a clear cut case, and you are dealing with one of the better VA Regional Offices than it may only take months.  In other cases, difficulty finding evidence needed, the need for nexus opinions and a slower VA RO may cause the VA disability claim to take over a year.  Keep in mind if you get a decision from the VA and you are unhappy with that decision it can take longer and longer with each appeal.  Some VA disability cases can take many years before you get what you deserve.  As you can see answering this question is very hard.  So what can you do to speed up your VA compensation claim.  The first thing you can do is request your C-file from the VA so you know what the VA has and you will be able to determine what may be missing or what evidence you still need to win you claim.  You should also get help with your claim from a service organization or a VA disability lawyer.  This will help because a good attorney or representative will know the law and what is needed to win your claim and then be able to make arguments on your behalf as well.  At the very least, you need to research what it is you need for your particular claim to win your VA disability case.  The last thing you would ever want to do is to make your claim and sit back and hope the VA will figure it out for you.  It is also important to keep in mind that when you have a VA compensation claim you need to be persistent but also patient.  It can become very easy to get frustrated and quit or take out your frustration on the VA and neither of these is going to help you win you VA disability claim.