Sunday, June 28, 2015

Medical Treatment and Disability Claims

So why is it important to have a good history of medical treatment and recent treatment.  Whether it is an SSDI claim or VA compensation it is important to be able to show past and present treatment.  One reason is that many decision makers on disability claims wrongly will assume that someone who is not being treated regularly does not suffer from a severe medical condition because if they did they would be getting treatment.  Also the basis for any disability claim is your medical conditions and if they are not documented well it makes it difficult or impossible to determine the severity of the medical condition.  I should also point out that if you are seeing a doctor regularly and for a long period of time chances are that doctor will be more willing to provide you with opinion evidence that is often needed in SSDI and VA disability cases.  I know it can sometimes be difficult and many people do not have insurance but you should make every effort to get regular medical treatment.