Tuesday, October 24, 2006

More Social Security Disability Tips

Tip: Get a lawyer who has handled numerous Social Security Disability cases.

Notice I did not say get any lawyer. If you get a lawyer who has never handled a Social Security claim then you are almost just as well off not getting an attorney. You might be thinking right now that of course I am going to say that because I am an attorney who does Social Security Disability work. The reason I am saying this however is because Social Security law is very complex. A lawyer who has handled many of these cases is familiar with the law and more importantly the Social Security system and how it works. Social Security statistics show that those that are represented have a higher winning percentage than those that are not represented.

When I bought my house I hired an attorney who handles real estate law to do my closing because even though I am as an attorney licensed to do closings, I knew I did not know everything that an experienced real estate attorney would know.

Tip: Once you get a lawyer, don't forget about your case.

Laywer or not, you must stay involved in your case. I found through the years that those claimants who kept tabs on their case and played an active role in getting medicals from their doctors tend to get the best results.