Friday, September 03, 2010

Difficulty Finding Good Information About Social Security Disability Law

I recently received an e-mail that best describes the problem with search engines and their ability to distinguish between cookie-cutter Social Security disability websites and real informative websites on SSDI and SSI. I received this e-mail today. "My name is N (name left out for privacy) and I would like to thank you very much for creating your web site. I am just finding your site tonight after years of trying to learn about the disability process and apply for benefits. I learned more from your site in the time I have spent reviewing it tonight than I learned from reading several other sites over years, four attempts at contacting disability lawyers, one in office consult in which the lawyer (though very kind) declined to represent me, and reading over and over again all the info I could find on social security. Thank you for listening to me. And once again, thank you for your site. I will immediately recommend it to everyone I come in contact with so they can be spared the experience I've had." It is frustrating for lawyers like myself to receive e-mails like this knowing if this person had received good free information earlier it could have possibly saved them allot of grief. I and other lawyers like myself spend years writing free information on disability law to make it available to the general public and our informative websites are pushed down in the search results by professional web designers working for a lawyer referral services and big law firms and non-lawyer representative companies. Some of the best information on Social Security disability may never be seen because Social Security Disability specialists like myself are not also Internet specialists. The Internet is becoming less and less about disseminating free information on topics to those who need it and more about which companies can afford the best search engine marketers or which company is willing to spend the most bidding for spots on paid advertising spots. This is a shame because the content of many of the top ranking websites for Social Security Disability information are not written to give you information but rather written in a way to make them rank higher in search engines. In an effort to make more money, the search engines also appear to be cluttering the true search results with paid advertising. I understand the need for search engines to make their money, but it is becoming more more difficult to distinguish between the paid spots and the actual search results. I have written for many years on Social Security Disability and VA disability law, and despite my lack of knowledge of how search engines work, I have been able to get out my free information to many people. However, this appears to be becoming more and more difficult to the point where to keep pace I to have to hire search engine specialist to help me reach more people. Hopefully, the search engines will get to a point where they can distinguish between fresh informative content from specialists in the areas you are looking for from companies that know little about the subject matter but know how to manipulate the results. The good news is that many of you take the time to look through the results you get back and you can tell the difference between good information and these cookie-cutter websites. I will continue to write all original content on my websites and always have the goal of providing the best free information on Social Security disability and VA compensation on the web. My hope is that if I get the help of a search engine marketer I can reach a larger audience with my quality content on disability law. My recommendation to all of you looking for good information on Social Security Disability law is that when you find a good website make sure to bookmark it so you can find it again and recommend it to others through e-mail, social networking websites and forums. I hope you all have an enjoyable long weekend and for all those who have Social Security Disability claims pending I hope that you get a favorable decisions soon.