Sunday, September 19, 2010

New and Improved Ultimate Disability Guide

My Social Security Disability website the "Ultimate Disability Guide" now has a new look. It still contains the great content that it always has on SSDI, SSI and even has information on VA Compensation benefits. If you are familiar with my website, please let me know what you think of the new design and usability of the Ultimate Disability Guide. Although there is some information on VA compensation benefits on this website I have a website designated for VA Compensation and Pension benefits at my veterans disability website. I hope you all like the new look and find it easier to navigate to the information you are looking for about Social Security Disability. I will continue to update this information and it will continue to have the best and most informative free information on the web on disability topics. The Social Security Disability lawyers convention is coming up and I will report any information that I find out at the conference that I think may be of interest or help to you in getting your SSDI benefits. The new website does not look drastically different from the old website, because I did not want people who have visited me in the past to think it was a different website. It is basically a face lift for the old website to give it a more modern look and better usability. For those of you who follow my writings on the Internet you will also notice that my blog has some significant changes as well which I hope you like. I always welcome comments and suggestions on how I can improve this website including any topics you wish me to cover that you have not been able to find. Thank you to the loyal readers of my website and welcome to any new readers of the Ultimate Disability Guide and my other articles across the web.