Wednesday, June 27, 2007

E-File Less Than Perfect

I have had allot of experience with SSA E-File in Social Security Disability claims and although in general it is a vast improvement over the paper way of doing things there is a few things that need to be worked out. When a file is in electric format we are now supposed to send our medical records in by fax or using the Internet. To do this lawyers are given a bar code which tells the computer receiving the medicals which file it belongs to. It appears clear to me since I deal with many different ODAR offices throughout the country that the different ODAR offices are not on the same page. Some offices send a bar code and others act like I am crazy when I ask for it. I recently got medical records sent back to me that I sent to them in the mail. The letter said I have to send them in by fax using the bar code. Hard to do when bar code is not sent to me. I am just kind of venting here but overall I do see the benefit in the new process I guess it will just take time for all of SSA employees to come up to speed and fine tune the system.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Article on VA Disability

I know many of the Veterans out there are looking for news on VA Disability. I will be interviewed for an article on the website VA Watchdog on the new law that allows veterans to hire lawyers. When the article is released I will post it here so that it is easily accessible to anyone interested. It is a long time coming for veterans who have been fighting for the right to hire a lawyer in their disability claims. And an exciting time for lawyers who have been waiting to be able to help or veterans. Check back soon.