Friday, June 06, 2008

Tips on how to win a Social Security Disability Claim

I will give you a few tips on how to win your SSDI or SSI claim. Many of these things I have mentioned before but if you are reading my blog and others like it then this is the information you are really looking for. I will discuss tips that help with all types of claims and you should realize that every case is very different but there are some common keys to preparing your case. First, learn enough to know what you have to prove to win your particular case. A good place to start your research on Social Security Disability is my website. Second, read the medical listing of impairments for your particular conditions. If you feel you may meet or equal one of those listings take a copy to your doctor and ask him or her. If they agree you should try and get a report from them that states the listing and why you meet that listing and have the rest of your records to support this. If you do not meet or equal a listing you will still need all your medical information but you will also need RFC forms or a report from your doctor that shows your limitations from your medical conditions. Look at the GRID Rules and see if you would be disabled under them given your age education and work experience and the limitations you have from your condition. If you do not meet a listing or fall favorably into one of the categories for the Grid rules then you will most likely have to show you can't even do a significant number of sedentary jobs (sit down work with very little lifting and standing). Important limitations to show here are any psychiatric or other cognitive limitations. Also any limitations of your arms and hands. You should also not forget your limitations from pain such as limitations in sitting long and difficulty in concentration. This is just a short list of tips but should get you going in the right direction. If you have trouble understanding what you have to prove and how to do it seek the help of a lawyer. Despite what many lawyers may tell I suggest you do not wait to be denied before getting help. Get it right from the start and your case may win at application and save you much time in the process.