Wednesday, June 03, 2015

The Importance of Getting Your C file in a VA Disability Claim

If you have a veteran's disability claim pending at the VA you should be sure to get your C-file as soon as possible.  There are many reasons for this.  If you have your file you will be able to see what the VA is looking at to determine your claim.  This will allow you to make sure everything you need to win your disability claim is in the file before a decision is made.  In many cases important information such as service medical records, treatment in service, present treatment, etc. are missing from the C-file.  Yes the VA has a duty to assist to get what is not in the file but many times they might not know what is missing or they can't find something.  If you know what is not in your file you can help get it.  Another reason to have your file is if you decide to get a lawyer you will be able to give that file to your lawyer and this will save time having to wait for it.  Remember your VA decision will be based on everything that is in that C-file so make sure everything you want to be in it is.