Thursday, August 14, 2008

Social Security Disability Hearing

I will address how to prepare for a Social Security Disability hearing. The first you should know is that if you are at the hearing stage this means you have already been denied at least once and probably twice. Because of this if you do not have a lawyer yet you may want to consider finding one to help you. If you decide you still want to go it alone you will want to review your file at least one month before your hearing. In most cases you can call the hearing office were your hearing is going to be held and either make an appointment to go down there and look at your file or if your file is in electric format request a copy of your file on CD. You will want to make sure all your medical records are up to date and that you have a report or RFC form from your treating doctor explaining your medical conditions and your limitations from them. If you have any records missing or do not have a report or RFC from your doctor then you must make sure to take advantage of the time left before the hearing to get this information. You will also want to look at what the SSA doctors exams have to say about your condition. If you have a lawyer they should do this for you. To prepare for what will happen at your hearing I recommend you read my web page called Social Security Disability Hearing. You should also take the time to review the rest of my site so that you know what you have to prove to win your particular case. Keep in mind on the day of the hearing that you should not talk about your case with anybody but your lawyer while you are waiting in the waiting room. Something you say could be over heard. The two most important things you can do is make sure to be there on time and make sure your file has all the medical evidence. If you are unable to get some evidence you feel is important to your claim you can ask the ALJ for assistance in getting the information or ask for more time so that you may get it. Try not to postpone your hearing. Instead try to have the hearing and ask to get the records after the hearing so you won't have to reschedule. You should ask for a postponement if you have seconds thoughts and want to find a lawyer.