Saturday, October 27, 2007

Here Come the Lawyers.

My observations at the NOVA conference is that there will soon be many more attorneys handling Veterans disability claims. I would guess that there was about twice as many lawyers at the conference than at the last one. Most of them were lawyers who handle Social Security Disability cases in their practice. I believe this is good news for veterans because it will be much easier for vets to be able to find lawyers for their disability claims. Social Security Disability lawyers should be able to make a fairly smooth transition into this field because there is allot of similarities in how you develop a case and they will be familiar with the medical terminology. SSDI attorneys are also used to dealing with a government agency. I have to mention how impressed I have been with the speakers at the conference. Many of the attorneys who spoke at the conference have been doing VA claims for years and they were more than willing to share their insight and knowledge with the lawyers hoping to enter into this field.