Monday, March 16, 2009

The stimulus package and its effect on Social Security disability and its beneficiaries.

The stimulus bill for 2009 is expected to have added funding for the Social Security Administration. Hopefully, this will help SSA deal with the increasing number of cases and the present backlog. It is also anticipated that the president a request a significant increase in funding for the SSA program in the 2010 budget. Also, as part of the stimulus package those of you receiving SSI and SSDI payments that live in the United States Puerto Rico or US territories will be entitled to a one-time payment of $250. It is my understanding, that you will get this payment automatically without you having to do anything. For those of you with SSI this $250 will not count as income. It is also my understanding that $250 will be tax exempt but you should check with your accountant. It is my hope that with the increase in funding to the Social Security Administration will help with the increased caseload and backlog SSA is experiencing due to the baby boomers and the declining economy. The key will be whether the money is spent efficiently to meet these goals.