Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Changes at Social Security

This is a time of change for Social Security disability. Social Security is going paperless. In fact, they are already using electronic files in most states and many are completely paperless. Social Security is also revamping the whole disability process. They are testing the new process in the New England area. I will have more on all of this in future Blogs.

Monday, November 13, 2006

To Win You Must Learn About the Process

If you want to win your Social Security Disability claim you must read all you can about Social Security and how they determine if you are disabled. A good starting point is my site But don't stop there you should also explore the Social Security Administrations web site. You know why you can't work but if you don't understand what you have to prove to Social Security you are drasticaly hurting your chances of winning. Even if you have a lawyer you must research the subject. You should also ask your lawyer what are the keys to your particular case. By knowing what is essential to your case you can assist in getting the proper medical records and RFC forms. It will also help you in how you fill out forms for Social Security and how you testify at hearing.