Saturday, February 16, 2008

How to know if your lawyer is experienced in SSDI cases.

When looking for a lawyer or representative for your Social Security Disability or SSI case it might be wise to find out if the lawyer is experienced in these types of cases. So how do you do that? You can simply ask them how much of thier practice is devoted to SSDI or how many cases have they handled. You can also look to see or ask if they are a member of NOSSCR or NADR. NOSSCR is the National Organization of Social Security Claimants Representatives. NADR is the National Association of Disability Representatives. Some lawyers who handle SSDI claims have taken the step of getting certified in some form. Some states have certification programs and there is also certification through non-profit organizations like the National Board of Social Security Disability Advocacy. Some states do not recognise certification in the field at all. However, any lawyer who has taken the time to get certified in one form or another in my opinion is showing their commitment to this area of law. Also to get certified the programs I am aware of require a great deal of proof of a lawyers commitment to the area of law. None of this means there are not good lawyers and representatives that are not members of these groups or that are not certified by some organzation. I am providing this information so you have more tools in your home work in finding a lawyer.