Sunday, April 19, 2009

Social Security Disability for Cancer

This blog will address cancer and Social Security Disability. Many people who are diagnosed with cancer and apply for SSDI or SSI benefits are surprised and shocked when they are denied by Social Security. What many people don't realize is that even if you are given a diagnosis as serious as cancer you still have to prove under Social Security's rules that you are disabled. It is important that you know how Social Security determines if you are disabled and what evidence you will need to prove your disability. A good place to start to learn this is my website on Social Security Disability. There are some things you should know if you are applying for disability and have cancer. The type of cancer you have can make a big difference on how your claim is processed. SSA has in place a quick determination process for those with certain types of cancer and other diseases. This means if your cancer is on this list you will get a quicker favorable determination. SSA has a screening process for these types of cases. I explain the details, and provide a list of the cancers that Social Security considers in their quick determination process on my webpage dealing with Social Security Disability and cancer. Most of you will have a cancer that is not on this list and, therefore, will have to follow the normal five step process for proving disability. If you are not one of the cancers on the list (with the severity required) then you will first want to check if you meet or equal one of the listings for cancer. If you feel you might meet or equal one of these listings for cancer you should take a copy to your doctor to see if you indeed meet a listing. Even if you do not meet or equal a listed impairment you can still be found disabled if you can show that the limitations from your cancer and treatment for the cancer would prevent you from performing your past work and a significant number of any other work. This is general Information so if you are diagnosed with cancer and applying for SSDI or SSI benefits make sure to read my website and the page that is specific to cancer and Social Security Disability.