Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Where and How Should I Research Information About Social Security Disability

There are many places on the Internet that offer information on Social Security disability law. However, much of the information on the Internet is written by marketing companies and Internet specialists. In fact, most of the sites that you will find that show up on the first page when you do Internet searches through search engines will be from these sources. This is because marketing and Internet specialists know how to write website pages that rank high on search engines because after all their job is to know how these search engines work and get their clients to show up on searches as high as possible. If you want to find good information on Social Security disability law you sometimes will have to go beyond the first page of the search results to find what you're looking for. Websites that provide good free information about Social Security disability law are in most cases written by lawyers and representatives that actually represent clients and many do not have the knowledge of how search engines work to show up high on search results. Many websites that are written by lawyers and representatives get help from marketing Internet specialists to get higher rankings on search engines but it also can affect the way the material is presented. This does not mean that all pages that rank well on search engines do not have good information it just means if you are serious about finding information to help your claim you should take the time to look at several websites and evaluate which websites are giving you real information and which ones are only trying to get you to give you their information. Another thing you can do is try and be as specific as possible when doing a search. For example, if you want to know how to win a social security disability claim instead of searching for "Social Security Disability", search for "how to win a social security disability claim". You can tell by reading a website if the author of the material knows the subject matter and is providing real information and helpful articles. Chances are if they are providing information you can understand and is generally helpful then if you have a question this would be the type of website that might be more willing to answer that question for you. The Internet can be a very good source of information about Social Security disability but if the website you are reading does not provide you full answers, spits out legal jargon, or the information is so general as to not be helpful then you should consider moving on to the next website. If you continue to do this for several websites you will start to get a feel for the websites that are actually providing you with real helpful information and you can bookmark those websites to questions you may have in the future. Those of you who know my writings on the Internet no that I try to provide helpful information on Social Security disability and VA compensation law. Another good reference is government websites such as the Social Security Administration website and the VA website. It is hard to find good information on disability law on the Internet but you can find answers to most of your questions if you take the time to research and find websites that are genuinely trying to provide free information to the public about disability programs. After you have found a few websites you feel are giving you good information check to see if they have a custom search on the website so that when you ask your question in the search bar it will give you results from that website. You should also look for the answer to your questions on more then one website because you can not only check if the answer is the same but perhaps there is more then one way to handle a certain situation you are looking for an answer to. Research on the Internet is a good place to start and easier then other ways of getting the information you are looking for on social security disability but if you have a legal issue or problem that you need to know the answer to, or if you think you need help with your claim you should seek out a disability lawyer to help you.