Sunday, March 01, 2009

Social Security Disability and the medical listing of impairments

If you are applying for Social Security disability benefits it is important that you read the medical listing of impairments for your particular medical condition to see if you may meet or equal any of these listings. If you feel you may meet or equal one of the listed impairments, you then should take a copy of the listing that you feel you meet and ask your doctor's opinion. If your doctor feels you meet or equal the listed impairment then you should ask him for a report. That report should contain the listing name and number and an explanation from your doctor as to why it is his or her opinion that you meet the listing. You should also include all medical documentation that supports the fact that you meet or equal the listed impairment. To meet or equal a listed impairment you must have a doctor's opinion that says you do. This is not the only way you can be found disabled but if you do meet or equal listed impairment you will be found disabled without consideration of your age education and past work experience. These listings were designed to be very difficult to meet for this reason. In many cases, people are found disabled at steps four and five of the process which take into consideration your age education and past work experience. The medical listings are at step three of the process. You can find all five steps of the process on my web page entitled am i disabled. This post is just a reminder to always check the medical listings because if your medical condition is severe enough to meet these listings then you'll be found disabled without having to go to steps four and five. This can be particularly important if you're under 50 years old because if you are under this age they can be much more difficult to win at the last two steps of the process.