Wednesday, August 06, 2008

How things are going with new SSDI pilot program

My initial observations of the new pilot program that allows me to access clients files directly over the Internet are so far very positive. When accessing files at the local ODAR office I have very little trouble. I hope in the future SSA will allow access to files at the application and Appeals Council level and from what I understand this is eventually in the plans. I have not yet had the opportunity to submit a request for a fully favorable decision through the system but look forward to doing so at the earliest opportunity to see how that works. I know another post on this subject might not be of much interest to many of you but for any lawyer who practices in this field who might be reading this, I have to say it is a pleasure to be able to access my clients files at ODAR without having to wait for them. This will be my last post on this subject until I have something new to report. My next few post will be devoted to providing information helpful to those in the process of a Social Security Disability claim. I will write again soon.