Monday, July 13, 2015

Prior Work in a Social Security Disability Claim

Why is prior work important in SSDI claim?  Whether or not one can perform prior work is decided at the 4th step of the Social Security disability test.  If SSA finds you can perform past work you will be found not disabled.  If they determine you cannot perform past work you then move on to the 5th step of the test which is whether or not you can perform any work that exist in significant numbers.  For a full explanation of the 5 step test follow link above to my page on how Social Security determines if you are disabled.  To give an example of how step 4 works lets say you are limited to sedentary work with no non-exertional limitations.  If you have prior work that is sedentary then according to SSA you would be able to do prior work.  Now lets assume you are limited to sedentary work but all the work you did the last 15 years is considered light or heavier.  In this situation SSA would find you are no able to do prior work and you would move on to step 5.  What is important to note here is that if SSA finds you cannot perform prior work this does not mean you are disabled, since Social Security will still have to determine at step 5 if you can do any other work.  For a better understanding of a Social Security Disability claim is decided be sure to read my website.