Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Veterans and Social Security Disability

I have noticed while answering e-mails from veterans that many veterans do not apply for Social Security Disability because they fear it will adversely affect their VA compensation. You can get both SSDI and veterans compensation. I have also heard from many veterans that they wanted to wait before applying for SSDI to see how their veterans compensation claim goes first and that they don't want to have to deal with applying for both at the same time. Now I understand that dealing with a claim before the VA and SSA at the same time can be a little overwhelming but it is important to file your claim for SSDI as soon as you are eligible if you can not work. The reason this is important is for two reasons. First, you can only get paid for SSDI for one year prior to your application. So waiting for a veterans compensation claim to be finished could cost you past due money you could be entitled to from Social Security disability. Also if you are applying for unemployability through the VA a favorable SSDI decision can be strong evidence that you should be entitled to VA unemployability if you were found disabled by Social Security on the same medical conditions you are service connected for. This post only is referring to VA compensation and Social Security Disability. SSI and VA pension are treated differently because they are needs based programs and eligibility for these depends among other things on ones financial situation. SSI and VA Pension are for those with very low income. if you have any questions about any of these programs you can contact me at VA and Social Security Disability lawyer.