Friday, February 22, 2008

SSDI and SSI Overpayment Rules Need Change

I know this is something that will never happen but SSA needs to consider changing their rules in regards to over payments in Social Security Disability and SSI payments. The way it is now even if the claimant is not at fault they will still usually have to pay the money back. Essentially if the claimant can "afford" to pay the money back then they are responsible for the pay back even if they are not at fault. I have seen over payments from a few hundred dollars up to over one hundred thousand dollars. What is almost comical to me is the payment notices that go to the claimant have way to many words and not enough information on how much the claimant is supposed to get and why. Then when SSA realises they made a mistake they act like the claimant should have known the amount they were getting is wrong. Anyway I am not suggesting that individuals who knowingly take money they know is not theirs should not have to pay it back. But sometimes you get a minor mistake by SSA that can over pay an individual just a little bit over many years and then all the sudden the government wants $20, 000 for the overpayment. The way the rules are now even though it was not your fault if you have enough money in SSA view to live on per month then anything extra should go to the overpayment. What makes matters worse is that almost no attorneys or representatives will take these cases. I made no attempt here to actually explain the exact language of the rules on overpayments. This was just a venting post on my part.