Thursday, February 17, 2011

Social Security Disability Press Releases

A new page can be found at my Ultimate Social Security Disability website. I was looking for topics to cover on my SSDI and SSI website, so I was reviewing the Social Security Administration's press releases. It then occurred to me that most people don't even know that SSA releases news fairly regularly on their website. As I started to review them I noticed that many of these press releases would be of interest to the readers of my website. So I decided to start a page on my disability website devoted to press releases from SSA that are about Social Security disability and SSI. To give you an idea of the type of information that SSA releases to the public, you can find news releases about the 2012 budget, the cost of the Social Security system on our nations GDP, strategic plans for improving the process over several years, new rules as they are published, requests for comments from the public on its rules and regulations, and I even found that there was a very significant theft of personal information in upstate New York. Although many of my readers, are rightfully more concerned about information that is going to help them win their Social Security disability and SSI claims, but I am also sure there are plenty of you out there that would find this information interesting and potentially helpful. The focus of my website always has been and still is about getting the information you can't find anywhere else that will help you win your SSD or SSI benefits. However, I think one page that will be updated frequently with new press releases that are relevant to Social Security disability and SSI from the Social Security Administration is a nice addition to my website and will make these press releases easy to find.

Another topic I would like to discuss in this post, is that I frequently get questions in my e-mails about filling out the great deal of paperwork that Social Security sends you when you are at the application level. I will be adding pages that explain these forms and hopefully give you some insight into what certain questions mean, what sort of answers Social Security is looking for, and how these forms are used in helping Social Security determine if you are disabled. The first of these pages will be about the function report SSA 3373. Of all the paperwork you sent back to Social Security, this is probably the most used by SSA decision-makers and therefore, probably the most important. I should have the page up by this weekend and will link it from this post when it is available and you will also be able to find it linked from my page on how to apply for Social Security Disability. I think you will find this page to be very helpful in filling out this form and give you a better understanding of how it is used in your Social Security disability or SSI claim.