Friday, January 11, 2008

Medical Listing of Impairments

In Social Security Disability claims one thing that is sometimes overlooked is the Medical Listing of Impairments also known as the Blue Book. If your medical condition is found to meet or equal a listed impairment then a finding of disabled is appropriate with out regard to your age, education or work experience. To meet or equal a listing you must have a doctors opinion that says so and it must be documented by the medical evidence. It can be extremely difficult to meet or equal a listing and it is designed that way. However, you should always view the medical listing for your medical condition and if you feel you meet the requirements have your doctor look at the listing. If the doctor agrees that you meet the listing a report from the doctor that addresses the listing and the supporting evidence on why you meet the listing can go a long way to proving it. You do not have to meet or equal a listing to win your claim but always check. To see how the medical listing fits into how SSA determines if you are disabled click on the link.